Temple of Heaven Show

Temple of HeavenCourtyard hotels in Beijing are the hotels is courtyards, here you can enjoy the atmosphere of old Beijing with convenient transportation and considerate service, usually they are located at center of Beijing.

Visiting Beijing, you should not only visit the Great Wall, but also the imperial buildings, including the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace which are all the imperial buildings built in Ming and Qing Dynasties. Had introduced the Forbidden City and Summer Palace, today we will visit the Temple of Heaven.

The Temple of Heaven is located at southern of Beijing, was the place where the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties worshipped heaven and prayed for good harvests. This temple was built firstly in 1420 (the 18th year in the reign of Ming Emperor Yongle), and extended and renovated in the reign of Ming Emperor Jiajing and Qing Emperor Qianlong. In ancient China, the sacrifice to heaven, earth, sun and moon are very important for emperors, because people thought that everything was dominated by heaven due to underdeveloped science in ancient China. Ancient Chinese hoped that heaven could help them by sacrifice. . They came here twice a year, on the 1 5th day of the 1st lunar month and on Winter Solstice. At first, both heaven and earth were worshipped here. After 1530 when the Temple of Earth was built in the northern suburbs, only heaven was worshipped in this temple. During 500 years until the Qing Dynasty, 22 emperors made 654 sacrifices to heaven in the Temple of Heaven.

Covering an area of 273 hectares, the Temple of Heaven is four times larger than Forbidden City, and the two walls form the inner and outer altars. The main architectures Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest, the Imperial Vault of Heaven and Circular Mound Altar are in the south-north axle, and they are also separated by walls. The architecture of Temple of Heaven has two themes. One is “on the earth”, while the other is “in the heaven”, as well as walls. The Circular Mound Alter sits at south, and Good Harvest Alter sits at north. The two alters sits at same south-north axis, and separated by a wall. Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest was built in 18th year in Yongle, which is a rectangle hall and the main building of Temple of Heaven.

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Attractions in Center of Beijing

Courtyard hotels is the traditional Chinese style hotels, is a new type for foreign guests like Chinese style hotels, most gather in center of Beijing.

Forbidden CityIn center of Beijing, Forbidden City is located at heart of Beijing, so it is he must-see. Also known as the Imperial Palace, Forbidden City is popular in tourists because it is the home to 24 emperors in Ming and Qing Dynasties, is the best preserved imperial palace in China and the largest palatial structure in the world. Built by the third emperor in Ming Dynasty – Zhu Di, Forbidden City has been 600 years old standing there always. Since Zhu Di moved capital from Nanjing to Beijing, Forbidden City becomes the center of power until the end of Qing Dynasty, happened various events from inner court to outer court. Now, Forbidden City was rebuilt to a museum, named as Palace Museum, collects various rare treasure including paintings, calligraphies, jewelry, bronze and some private collections of emperors. In fact, the culture of Forbidden City is the culture of China, shows the development of China. Like a history book, Forbidden City records everyone live in it.

Summer PalaceCompared with the imperial garden in Forbidden City, Summer Palace is great one in large area. Summer Palace is a large natural mountain and water garden which was built according to scenery of Hangzhou West Lake, absorb the artistic conception of gardens in south of Yangtze River and based at Kunming Lake and Longevity Hill, and the Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake constitute the basic frame of the Summer Palace and they are the main spots. Summer Palace collects the traditional landscape architecture art great achievements and borrows the surrounding environment. It not only contains the gorgeous imperial garden momentum, but also is full of natural interests. There are more than 20 small and large yards, more than hundred architectures and more than 3000 ancient rooms, more than 1600 famous and ancient trees. The long corridor, Suzhou Street, Seventeen Holes Bridge, big stage and Stone Boat are all known to tourists.

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1 Day Tour: Badaling Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City

Courtyard Hotels are the hotel with typical Chinese quadrangle style, and most located in center of Beijing with comfortable living environment and less rooms compared with the modern hotels in Beijing.

Badaling Great Wall

Price From: US$ 54( 340 CNY )

Departure: Daily
Tour Duration: about 8 hours
Hiking Area: east Badaling (4-6 towers)
Cable car: Optional (80 RMB / US$ 14 round way)
Pick-up place and time: Your Downtown Hotel at 8:30am
Finishing place and time: Your Downtown Hotel around 6:00pm
Payment Method: Cash, Credit Cards, Wire, Western Union
Tour Guide Language: English, other language speaking guide (French, Japanese, Spanish etc.) is available, if need, please contact us!
Feature: 1 day small group private tour covers the representative sightseeing including Badaling Great Wall, Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. With private tour guide and private air-conditioned luxury car.

Review of tourists had visited this one day tour:
The Beijing tour to Great Wall at Badaling was an experience of a lifetime. The day was humid and hot, walking along the wall was challenging, but we did it! There are a lot of people on the wall, some narrow steps it needs to walk in line. Forbidden city was reaaly massive and splendid, but full of people, I was interested in its history! Tiananmen square was really large, but you should prepare sunglasses and sun block, it was really a suffer in a hot sunshine for there was nothing on the square for sunshade.

Detail Itinerary

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Beijing Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel

Beijing has lot of famous attractions that become more popular nowadays. Lots of tourist will visit Beijing during their holiday. If you want to visit Beijing, you need the hotel that can become the place for you to stay. Here, I will recommend one of the nice hotels that can be your favorite called Beijing Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel. This courtyard Hotel built in the typical, old Beijing architectural style with a compound of quadrangle courtyards.

Beijing Double Happiness Courtyard HotelBeijing Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel is a 3 star hotel that located in Dongsi shitiao of Dongcheng District. Located just 5 minutes walk from the closest subway station, Dongsi Station. The hotel also has a convenient location close to many interesting places such as, Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Beihai Park, Jingshan Park, Lama Temple and Wangfujing Shopping Street. Guests will have an easy access to reach those attractions.

Beijing Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel was a Chinese famous scholar Ji Xiaolan’s former residence during the period of Qing dynasty. The furnishings of Beijing Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel are hardwood furniture in Ming Dynasty style. Outside the hotel, guests can walk through the well-protected Chinese-style lanes, or hutongs. The visitors will have an opportunity to experience the local people life style and culture here.

In each guests rooms will also provides with ancient Chinese furniture that will bring us to experience traditional Chinese life. Beijing Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel is also offer various types of guest rooms for example, luxury wedding suite, happy family room, Chinese queen bed room, Chinese twin bed room, featured single room and others. All of that will fulfill each guest needs. Not only that the hotel is also provide with some facilities for example, bar, restaurant, courtyard, and others. Mostly Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel guests are foreigners from abroad. So, they will able to know the others foreigners from all around the world.

Visitors of Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel might get more feeling from this quiet and lovely place, than those luxury concrete hotels. All of the hotel staffs are very friendly and welcoming. The receptionist is also can speak excellent English and always very willing to assist and advise you during your stay. Beijing Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel also provides Chinese Restaurant, Western Restaurant, kitchen, wine bar, goods department, tourist center, etc. Welcome to Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel and you will experience the local people life and culture here. Have a nice holiday!

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Lama Temple

Lama TempleBeijing has lots of historical and cultural attractions that attract lots of tourists from all over the world. If this is your first visit to Beijing, than I will give you an options the hotel that might be you like which name Courtyard Hotel. In courtyard hotel you will be explore Beijing local people life. It will be the great experience for you in Courtyard Hotel. In Beijing, there are many courtyard hotel and one of them is located close to Lama Temple.

Beijing Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel is located in Dongsishitiao not far from the famous attraction Lama Temple. Each guest room of Beijing Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel is equipped with Ming style hardwood furniture. If you want to feel the traditional Chinese people life style and has the easy way to visit Lama Temple, Courtyard Hotel is your ideal choice.

Lama Temple which located not far from Courtyard Hotel is the largest Tibetan Buddhist Temple in Beijing and the most important Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in the world. Here is one of the key attractions in Beijing tourism, and there are numerous Buddhist Statues, Tang Ka and a large number of precious cultural relics well preserved in the temple. Lots of Courtyard Hotel guests will choose Lama Temple as one of the options what attractions they want to visit.

Yonghegong Lama Temple was built in 1694 during the Qing Dynasty, as the residence of the Emperor Yongzheng (the third emperor of the Qing Dynasty) before he ascended the throne. The building and the artworks of the temple is a combination of Han Chinese and Tibetan styles. The Pavilion of Ten Thousand Happinesses in Yonghegong contains an amazingly tall (18m) statue of the Maitreya Buddha carved from a single piece of White Sandalwood. This statue is one of three artworks in the temple that were included into the Guinness Book of Records in 1993. Visit Lama Temple, the visitors able to know little bit better about Tibetan Buddhist and enjoy the traditional culture of China.

If you visit Lama Temple, you can also visit the Confucius Temple, Bell and Drum Tower which located close to the Lama Temple. Lots of Courtyard Hotel guests are also come to visit those attractions. Today, there are about 70 lamas living in Yonghegong. For a small donation, you can ask the lamas to bless things for you. It will be great experience for you to visit Lama Temple.


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Jihouse Courtyard Hotel

Jihouse Courtyard HotelBeijing, a vintage but modern city, gathers various people from various countries. No matter business or tourist, want to enjoy the vintage Beijing, you should choose courtyard hotels, to listen the ancient stories in these hutongs. Most courtyard hotels sit inner of the 2nd Ring in Beijing, because various hutongs are gathered there.

How many courtyard hotels connect with hutongs, that is the number of old stories. Jihouse Courtyard Hotel, one of the courtyard hotels in Beijing, is located at Shaluo Hutong in Dongcheng District. Jihouse Courtyard Hotel is the first choice for international tourists in Beijing. Also, Jihouse Courtyard Hotel is the guild hall to receive guests for domestic handlers. Jihouse Courtyard Hotel, combines the paintings, folk interests and Taiji culture, inherits the culture of ancient Beijing, and continue the sihe courtyard amorous feelings.

Jihouse Courtyard Hotel owns 6 kinds of guestrooms including North Room, East Room, East-wing Room, West-wing Room, West Room South and West Room North. all are equipped with complete facilities such as Wake up Call, 24 hours hot water, Air conditioning, TV (International Channel), Safes, Hair Dryer, Beijing Restaurant Booking, washing room with toilets and a shower, Free Internet, etc. Living in Jihouse Courtyard Hotel, you will enjoy the same feelings at home. Different times in Jihouse Courtyard Hotel, you have chance various programs, arranged by the host and guests in Jihouse Courtyard Hotel, according to the current hot point or festivals. If you are tourists living in Jihouse Courtyard Hotel, you will enjoy the tour direction, offered by Jihouse.

Wandering in these famous hutongs to feel the traditional Beijing culture and listen to the old stories from Beijingers, you will know about the ancient Beijing deeply. Enjoying the traditional facilities and atmosphere in Jihouse Courtyard Hotel is the best way to feel Beijing life.


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Attractions in Wangfujing

WangfujingMost courtyard hotels are gathered at center of Beijing, so that these courtyard hotels are good choices for visiting to major attractions in Beijing. Besides these representative attractions in Beijing, Wangfujing is the pronoun of modern shopping. Wangfujing Avenue near courtyard hotels is the most famous business area in Beijing. It is also a most famous business and snack street for tourists in courtyard hotels. Not only has modern shopping mall and center, Wangfujing has many other places to meet the needs of tourists including guests in courtyard hotels.

Wangfujing Xinhua Bookstore is located in the south of Wangfujing Street. The building of Wangfujing Xinhua Bookstore is grave, beautiful and practical. It can stick out the taste of culture and seek to make an elegant and amiable atmosphere for customers with well-proportioned display. Wangfujing Xinhua Bookstore near courtyard hotels aims to offers a new show place for publishing company and a comfortable environment for readers.

Wangfujing Church was founded by two missionaries, and they come from Italy. Wangfujing Church is the key cultural relic under protection of Dongcheng District in Beijing. Wangfujing Church covers an area of 10,000 square meters. The original wall is dismantled so that the mysterious Wangfujing Church appears to public. Of course, it attracts many people. Grey European pinnacle architecture gives mystery because of its long history. The new square of Wangfujing Church has strong human colors surrounded by trees. Under the relieve-against surroundings, Wangfujing Church becomes a scenic spot in Wangfujing Street.

Wangfujing Street is a worthy visit place in Beijing, it also famous as well as Champs Elysees Street in France. At same time, if you want to have a good experiences in Wangfujing, courtyard hotels are best choices for tourists. Living in courtyard hotels in center of Beijing, you will not only know about the traditional Chinese culture, but also enjoy the convenient transportation.


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Sihe Courtyard Hotel

Sihe Courtyard HotelSihe Courtyard Hotel, a traditional Chinese style hotel, is located at Dengcao Hutong of Dongcheng District in Beijing. Sihe Courtyard Hotel was the former residence of Mei Lanfang who is a famous artist of Chinese opera originally. Sihe Courtyard Hotel is close to Wangfujing Business area in west, Dongdan business area in south and Beijing Railway Station in east.

Sihe Courtyard is designed and built on the base of Sihe Courtyard with classical and luxury, which is the three-entrance style sihe courtyard which belongs to Qing Dynasty. With advanced facilities and elegant environment, Sihe Courtyard Hotel let you enjoy the luxury of ancient imperial people.

Sihe Courtyard owns 18 guestrooms including standard room, small deluxe room, large deluxe room and VIP room. All are equipped with complete facilities with simple but old furniture and decorations such as European bed, temperature control system, and domestic and foreign dial direct, air-conditioning, free internet, etc. Sihe Courtyard Hotel offers fresh fruits, flowers, coffee and Chinese tea every day to guestrooms. Sihe Courtyard Hotel provides free transfer service. From 8:30 to 17:00, you will spend 150 yuan per time, and 200 yuan in other times. Combined with modern managed ideas, Sihe Courtyard Hotel seems like a unique special masterwork in Beijing. With superior geographic location, Sihe Courtyard Hotel is close to Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Wangfujing, Beihai Park, Lama Temple, etc. Living in Sihe Courtyard Hotel, tourists can enjoy most representative attractions of Beijing conveniently. At same time, you can hear some interesting stories about sihe courtyards which are traditional constructions of Beijing.

Specially, Sihe Courtyard Hotel also offers full set of office facilities for businessmen with cheap price and high quality service. Sihe Courtyard Hotel will offer you a clean, comfortable, cheap, convenient and safe private space.

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Soluxe Courtyard Hotel

Soluxe Courtyard HotelBeijing Soluxe Courtyard Hotel is managed by Soluxe Hotel Group, which is largest courtyard hotel in Beijing lodging institutions with courtyard culture. And Soluxe Courtyard Hotel, a characteristic culture hotel, has the longest history among so many courtyard hotels.

Soluxe Courtyard Hotel is located at Old Gulou Street of Xicheng District, and it is close to Gulou Station of Subway Line 2. It is only 40 minutes driving distance from Beijing Capital International Airport. Soluxe Courtyard Hotel is surrounded by Ditan Park, Lama Temple, Shichahai, and many tourist famous attractions of Beijing. Living in Soluxe Courtyard Hotel, you can enjoy the modern city view in north and old style and features of Beijing in south, you can also read the long history and humanized civilization. If you want to shopping around Soluxe Courtyard Hotel, it is 5.3km from Wangfujing Street, 5.9km from Xidan and 8.9km from Silk Market.

Soluxe Courtyard Hotel is based on the old address of Guangji Temple and Jiaci Temple and imitates the atchitecture style of Qing Dynasty. With grand construction and simple but old decorations, Soluxe Courtyard Hotel is the best place to feel oriental traditional culture and experience ancient folk customs.

The lodging area of Soluxe Courtyard Hotel is divided into two parts including yard area and building area with different kinds of guestrooms. Soluxe Courtyard Hotel has 156 guestrooms including standard room with big bed, standard room with king bed and standard room with double beds. All are equipped with complete facilities. Living in Soluxe Courtyard Hotel, you seems back to ancient China. The main cuisine in Soluxe Courtyard Hotel is Beijing food and various kinds of local snacks. The restaurant can accommodate 200 audiences at same time and offers authentic western foods. Soluxe Courtyard Hotel also provides Shop, Wine Bar, massage room to bring convenience to tourists in Beijing tour. After your one day tour, you can relax in wine bar or massage room. The relaxation facilities in Soluxe Courtyard Hotel will bring you to heaven. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of modern and ancient Beijing, drink authentic tea and rest in guestroom with antique flavor, it is a good enjoyment in your Beijing tour. Choosing Soluxe Courtyard Hotel is your wise choice in your Beijing tour.  

Soluxe Courtyard Hotel offers good experience beyond your expectation with their ancient oriental virtue and careful service sprit.

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Famous Snack Streets in Beijing

Beijing SnacksLiving in a good hotel will bring you much more convenience of Beijing tours and Courtyard Hotel is one of them very popular among foreign tourists. Courtyard Hotel enjoys very prime location in the city center and with good surroundings. So being a guest of Courtyard Hotel, you will full of enjoyment. Courtyard Hotel offers the good service to all the visitors as well as online booking.

For tourists living in Courtyard Hotel, there are a lot of attractive places to see including the famous snack streets. The snacks on Dianmen Street are based on the classic fair varieties. After years of development, there are more varieties here. The popular kinds of snacks are the sticky foods such as Yuanxiao and Niangao. You can also find the famous Beijing snack Douzhi on the street. It is the best place for tourists of Courtyard Hotel to taste some delicious foods and to have a short rest after visiting the historical sites.

For a close-up look at how Beijing people treat their restaurants as party venues and not just places for a meal, take a trip to Ghost Street. This 1.4 kilometers strip of Dongzhimennei Street is home to over 150 restaurants that attract everyone from hipsters to office workers, businessmen and families, as well as the odd celebrity. It never closes, making it one of Beijing’s most buzzing streets and it’s especially fun on Friday and Saturday nights. From sundown to sunrise, it’s lit by hundreds of red lanterns. Crowds of people spill out onto the pavement waiting for a free table, while inside the packed restaurants the sweating staff busy around delivering food and beers to people celebrating the end of the week. For tourists of Courtyard Hotel, here is also a good place to enjoy the typical Beijing food.

Located in the north entrance of Wangfujing Street, Donghuamen Night Market is one of Beijing’s most famous snack streets very popular among visitors living in Courtyard Hotel. It not only gains a good reputation in Beijing but also very popular among foreign tourists. Today, visiting the Donghuamen Night Market in Beijing has become a nocturnal tour of the repertoire. Paying a visit to Donghuamen Night Market travelers in Courtyard Hotel could experience the culture and taste of old Beijing flavor, taste the typical of a variety of Beijing snacks.

Courtyard Hotel welcomes tourists from all over the world to enjoy your trip in Beijing.

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